MSc in Mechatronics Eng.

Course List:
Industrial Process Automation
Advanced Programming
Data Mining
Advanced Measurement Systems
Macro to Nano-Scaling (Nanotechnology)
Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics
Microsystem Engineering
MEMS and NEMS in Mechatronics 
Process Measurement Engineering
Robotics Engineering
Industrial Electronics and Drives 
Circuit design
Digital Signal Processing and Processors
Nonlinear Control
Nonlinear Dynamics
Expert Systems  Engineering
Optimal and Robust Control
Fiber and Integrated Optics 
Advanced Optical Sensors and Measurements
Man-Machine Interface
Design and Implementation of Software Systems
Applied Statistics for Engineers
Simulation and Numerical Analysis
Reliability of  Systems
Vibration Theory 
FMS For Machine Tools
Communication and Computer Networks
Advanced Control Theory
Machine Dynamics in Engineering
Computational Methods in Acoustics
Parallel Processing
Image Processing
Fuzzy Systems
Special Topics in Electrical Machines
Emission Control and Monitoring
Advanced Thermodynamics Systems
Engineering Economic Analysis
Hybrid Systems
 Pneumatics and Hydraulics Systems 
Advanced Operations Research 
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Robotics 
Advanced Automated Control
System Identification
Production Programming and Quality  Control
Sensors and Robot Calibration 
Artificial Neural Networks
Simulation and Modeling in Biomechatronics
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Quality and Operation Management
Business and Commerce Administration
Industrial Automation 
Electric Actuator Control
Finite Element Method
Fabrication Theory and Technology of Semiconductor devices 
Automation in Production 
Advanced material Technology (Composite, Multilayer and coated)
Real Time Systems
Computer Simulation
Advanced Pneumatics and Hydraulics Systems
Optimization in Design and Production
Machine Vision
Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Circuit Design
Electronic Circuit Design
Machine Learning
Advanced Dynamics
Neuromuscular Systems Control
Advanced Topics in Mechatronics-I
Advanced Topics in Mechatronics-II
Advanced Topics in Mechatronics-III
Advanced Topics in Mechatronics-IV




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