MSc in Nanophotonics Eng.

Course List:
Optoelectronic Devices -I
Optoelectronic Devices -II
Optical Integrated Circuits-I
Optical Integrated Circuits-II
Photonic Crystals-I
Photonic Crystals-II
Ultra fast Photonics
Quantum Optics
Quantum Information
Optical Control 
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Laser
Optical Design and Fourier Optics
Optical Waveguides
Polymers and Photonics
Material Growth and Fabrication
Optical Telecommunication and fibers
Optical Instrumentation and Sensors
Optical Properties Of Semiconductors
Optical properties Of Nanostructured Materials
Optical  Networks
Advanced Semiconductor Laser
Nanoscale Fabrication
Micro-Optoelectromechanical Systems and Nanophotonics
Advanced Optics and Near Field Optics
Optics of Low Dimensional Semiconductors
Special Topics in Nanophotonics-I
Special Topics in Nanophotonics-II
Special Topics in Nanophotonics-III
Special Topics in Nanophotonics-IV
Special Topics in Nanophotonics-VI
Special Topics in fiber Optics
Optical Modulators
Optical Devices
Optical Network and Systems
Optical Processing
Optical Fiber
Optical Communication System
Optical Electronics I
Integrated Optics
Non Linear Fiber Optics 
Stochastic Processes
Optics Communication Network
Advanced Optical Communication
Fourier Optics
Statistical Optics 
Optical Signal Processing
Advanced Communication Theory
Advanced Engineering Mathematics 
Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic
Optical Electronics II
Nonlinear optics 
Quantum Optics
Photonic Crystal
Quantum Electronic
ed Topics in Optical communication I
ed Topics in Optical Communication II
ed Topicd in Optical Communication III
ed Topics in optical Communication IIII
Optical Communication System Laboratory I
Optical Communication System Laboratory II
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