School at a glance


The main objective of this school, as the name indicates, is to educate students and researchers, and to develop scientific and technological projects in order to meet the rising demand in recent years, for new applications in different areas such as quality medicine, ecology, agriculture, defense industry, manufacturing, and engineering services. Clearly, because of the complexity and uncertainty, these new tasks cannot be managed by classical and independent disciplines. It is necessary to develop new interdisciplinary fields of study and train students and researchers that are able to design and implement efficient and interesting applications in the above mentioned areas. The goal of interdisciplinary research fields and corresponding institutions is to keep pace with modern industrial and technological developments and accommodate their immediate needs.

As an interdisciplinary research institution, the first-ever Iranian School of Engineering-Emerging Technologies was established at the University of Tabriz in 2008. The school shortly started its activities with three emerging technological research fields including mechatronics engineering, nanotechnology (with emphasis on nanoelectronics engineering), and photonics engineering (with emphasis on nanophotonics).

Last Update At : 19 April 2017