Department of Photonics Engineering (Nanophotonics)


Photonics is one of the top engineering-emerging research fields. This field discusses applications of optics in integrated and discrete systems especially in high speed communications and computing, which are basic demands in the industry today. Development of all-optical engineering is a response to this growing need. Progresses in nanotechnology and outstanding achievements in this area has had major impacts on all research fields especially in emerging technologies. Considering the importance of optical communications, photodetectors and Terahertz technologies and their role in the industry, the main goal of this group is to apply nanotechnology in photonics engineering. In Photonics Engineering Group several hot topics such as:

     - Plasmonics and their applications,

     - Quantum optics,

     - Photo detectors,

     - Terahertz lasers and detectors,

     - Optical integrated circuits,

and many others  in cutting edge technology are studied.

Last Update At : 22 July 2017